Grade 2 Lesson Plans

Caps for Sale Cover

GR2-01 - Caps For Sale - What Makes a Story
Students work independently or with a partner to complete their story map. Students can also jigsaw pieces of the story map organizer.

GR2-02 - Caps For Sale - Read to a Friend
This lesson is best done over the course of a few classes while studying the book. Students in the second-grade class should be comfortable reading the text prior to working with their listeners.

More Caps for Sale cover

GR2-03 - More Caps For Sale - Pezzo's Caps - Opinion Writing
Includes optional organizer with sentence starters for organizing thoughts before writing a more complex paragraph.

GR2-04 - More Caps For Sale - Diary Entry
For this lesson, students can get in the mindset of a character depicted in the book or they can imagine they are their second-grade self transported to that world.

Book Cover Caps for Sale and the Mindful Monkeys

GR2-05 - Mindful Monkeys - Essie and the Peddler
Students who struggle with can complete the written portion verbally instead of the Venn diagram. The word bank can be simplified or made more complex depending on student ability.

GR2-06 - Mindful Monkeys - Essie's Advice
Groups of three work well for this activity, as students can bounce ideas off of each other, building on the previous suggestions in the conversation.

GR2-07 - Mindful Monkeys - Send a Helper Monkey
The key to this lesson lies in students understanding that the monkeys’ observations and close attention to Pezzo helped them understand him.


Circus Caps for Sale cover

GR2-08 - Circus Caps - Practice Makes Perfect
For this lesson, a paragraph is considered to be 4 or 5 related sentences. The complexity can be shifted accordingly for more advanced students or students who struggle with writing.

GR2-09 - Circus Caps - Lucky Item
This lesson is designed to be an extended project during which students are encouraged to revisit and revise their work.