Monkey Nana

Nana is a girl monkey.

Her name is pronounced nah-na in English.

Monkey Nana loves to eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

She has a knack for finding food easily. She is graceful and motherly. Her twin sister is Nina. Nana sometimes finds it hard to focus on only one thing.

Nana enjoys eating hummus and nan bread. It appears she likes the color tan.



In some countries the name Nana means: In Hawaii – “a star,” in Japan – “green vegetables,” in Nigeria – “grace,” in Sanskrit – “different,” in Africa – “mother of the earth," and in Spanish – “grace.”

Children named Nana can be found in India, Japan, the United States, countries of Africa, South America and many other places in the world.

Do you know someone named Nana? Where does she live?


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